​In 2006, upon the sale of the family business (Adams Rite Manufacturing Co.), Peter Adams and his wife Rebecca funded the Adams Legacy Foundation to share with others the gifts with which they had been blessed.  The original goal of the foundation was twofold; to foster a commitment to philanthropy in their heirs and succeeding generations, and to support organizations important to family members' communities.  As the Foundation developed, it started to fund in 5-year cycles to specific funding areas.  Past funding cycles have focused on education and land conservation.

In 2016, seizing the opportunity of a grant cycle ending and the 10th anniversary of its founding, Mr. and Mrs. Adams worked with their family to further refine their vision for the Foundation.  What emerged was a common belief in the importance of nature as a source of inspiration and problem solving.  Therefore, the 2016-2020 grant cycle's resources were focused on projects which worked to address the potential for the solace and lessons of nature to be applied to solving specific local problems.  This has proven to be rewarding work for the entire family.  Collectively they are excited to continue learning and funding in this area for the next grant cycle commencing in 2022. 

They encourage your creative participation!